Label crons and pause/resume schedules

New in Crontap! Pause/resume schedules, label them, filter & sort.

For those having many schedules, figuring out which does what could be a tedious task. We don't want any of our fantastic users to experience that, so we've added a way to label schedules, sort & filter them!

That's not all. Previously, you couldn't pause a schedule. Now you can!

Labelling schedules

To label a schedule, type anything in the label field at the end of a schedule when you create or edit it.
You can always come back and edit the label later.

Labeling a schedule

The label will be shown in the schedule list instead of the url.
It's as simple as that! ✨

Seeing a labeled schedule

Sorting & filtering schedules

On the schedule list, you can sort schedules by label, url, created or updated date.
The sort dropdown is on the right side of the page.
Of course, it is also possible to sort ascending or descending.

Sorting schedules

The sorting you choose will be cached so next time you visit the page, it will be sorted the same way.


If you have a large amount of cron schedules, it is now possible to filter them by label or url.
Also on the top right, press on the filter (search) icon to open the filter input.

Filtering schedules

This combined with labels is a powerful way to organize your schedules as you add more!


Sometimes you want a schedule to stop running for a while.
Previously, you would have to delete the schedule and recreate it later.
This was a bit tedious, so we've added a way to pause schedules.
Now it takes literally 1 click to pause a schedule!

Open any schedule and at the top you'll see a pause button as well as the status and last runs.

Pausing a schedule

When you pause a schedule, it will stop running until you resume it.

Paused schedules will be shown in the schedule list, but they will be grayed out and have a "paused" indicator (red dot to the right). This way you can easily identify which schedules are paused!

Paused schedule list


Crontap makes it easy to manage your cron schedules, even if you start having a lot of them.
We hope you enjoy these new features and that they help you stay organized!

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